Tera Ester is certified to conduct a competency-based workshop curriculum entitled “Positively Motivating Others.”  She extends this workshop to parents, stepparents, individual families, schools, school districts and those looking to motivate others to do great things. The tailored design for each individual workshop module is always to create safe, positive, productive environments of enabling outcomes, which promote positive behavioral change among all. You will learn how to use motivational concepts and strategies through video presentations as well as live instructions, demonstrations, role-plays and feedback. Each participant receives a manual to take home with them, too, for future reference!  Stacie Neff, MA, BCBA did an amazing job with the development of this curriculum!

Some of the topics include:

  • Motivation, discipline and environmental influences
  • How to better assess behavior based on the function of the behavior
  • Common hazards to avoid
  • Building connections
  • Motivating behaviors we DO want
  • Decreasing behaviors we do NOT want
  • Refocusing potentially harmful behavior
  • Verbal and written agreements
  • Maintaining appropriate and sustainable behavior for the future

“Your amazing class taught us SO much. What a huge difference it has made in our lives. Our 3 children are making great progress through positive motivation. Superb!”

-Parent, Clearwater, FL


This interactive course has also been successfully implemented in schools at all educational and grade levels. Each school and school district has unique challenges to face every school year and this curriculum can help positively change the culture of not only an individual classroom, but also an entire school or district. Teachers, staff and school administrators will learn how to motivate all persons in their school environment, not just the students!


Outcomes and benefits in Schools/Education:

  • Promotes the dignity of the individual student, students’ parents, faculty, staff, administration and the entire school environment
  • Provides a common language among teachers, faculty, administrators and staff
  • Builds strong connections between all
  • Minimizes the use of restrictive procedures
  • Changes school culture; enhances morale
  • Prevents or reduces school violence
  • Maximizes instructional minutes
  • Provides consistency across teachers



Do you know a group of parents who would like to positively impact the lives of their children and help reduce the negative interactions in their family home? Are you looking for an opportunity for your teachers to learn strategies to address those pesky problem behaviors in their classrooms? The overall morale in your environment will be substantially and positively changed! Schedule a group workshop for parents or teachers TODAY! Contact Tera Ester via the contact page for more information.


Training Schedule:  If an individual, couple, group of parents, school or organization would like to learn the strategies in the PMO curriculum, then contact Tera Ester via the contact page today.  Trainings are currently by appointment only.