Behavior Matters by Tera Ester

Behavior Matters Services

Behavior Services:

Tera Ester offers individualized behavior support services for children with challenging behavior and their families/caretakers, as well as integrates with other supports (i.e., extended family, doctors, etc.) to integrate services.
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Stepfamily Coaching:

Tera Ester offers support services to those living in a stepfamily. This service provides those within a stepfamily to learn strategies to become a more cohesive unit.
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Parent/Teacher Trainings:

Tera Ester is certified to conduct a training opportunity entitled “Positively Motivating Others,” by Stacie Neff, MS, BCBA.  Tera Ester extends these training services to parents, stepparents, individual families, schools and those looking to motivate others to do great things.
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